26 Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Cheap

Last minute Christmas gift ideas (for cheap)!

Ever realized you forgot someone on your Christmas list AFTER you’ve spent your Christmas budget?

Then this list of last minute gifts is for you!

They’re cheap, cute and thoughtful AND best of all won’t have you stressed about money!

Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Cheap

1. Brown Sugar Scrub

This last minute Christmas gift comes from crayonsandcravings.com. Brown sugar scrub is a great gift for people who like to pamper their skin — it helps exfoliate, it smells fabulous, and it only contains 3 simple ingredients.

2. Lavender Shower Melts

These lavender shower melts are a great present for somebody who deserves to relax but is short on time. They dissolve in the shower so gift recipients can enjoy the therapeutic scent of lavender during their regular morning routine. This shower-melt recipe is available at utensi.com.

3. Lemongrass Bath Salts

For a great bath salts recipe, check out savingslifestyle.com. Lemongrass bath salts are ideal for a soothing bath experience. Whip these scented salts up using ice-cube molds and give them to someone who has earned a break.

4. Rainbow Soap

This rainbow soap recipe can be found at utensi.com. Make a big batch of these soaps and check some names off your Christmas shopping list!

5. Jar Potpourri

This yummy jar potpourri will make any house smell delicious — recipients of this gift just need to simmer the mixture on the stove to enjoy a delicious Christmas aroma. Find the recipe at honeyandlime.co.

6. Lego Soap

These kid-friendly lego soaps are a clever present for the young people in your life. Find the instructions at utensi.com and customize scent and color to your liking.

7. Wire Picture Frame

This wire picture holder, from whatsupfagans.com, is the perfect gift for a friend who likes to display memories. It’s also quick, easy, and cheap to make.

8. Handprint Calendar

Handprint calendars are a thoughtful last minute Christmas gift that’s awesome for close family members — it’s also a fantastic keepsake for years to come. Find instructions for this personalized calendar at joyfullythriving.com. 

9. Christmas Slime

If you have kids on your Christmas list, this Christmas slime is sure to be a hit. It can be made quickly and is so fun to play with! Check out thebestideasforkids.com if you’d like the recipe!

*Note: This Christmas slime should only be given to children 4 yrs and older. See safety precautions here. By making this slime you agree to our termsand  the termsof thebestideasforkids.com.

10. Marbled Mugs

For the devoted coffee drinker on your shopping list, these marbled mugs are a fabulous gift! They’re super simple and the finished product is beautiful. Check out strengthandsunshine.com to find the instructions. 

11. Lotion Bars

These luxurious lotion bars will pamper the skin! They’re super simple, using just a few ingredients, are sure to be enjoyed by everyone who receives them! Instructions can be found at utensi.com.

12. Moose Coasters

Instructions for these moose coasters can be found at annsentitledlife.com. The coasters are easily made with scrap wood and spray paint and are a great gift for anyone!

13. Room Spray and Stress Ball

For the teachers in your life, or for anyone who could use a relaxing gift, this room spray and stress ball combo is perfect.

See exploringdomesticity.com for instructions on how to make this perfect last minute Christmas present. 

14. Monogram Mug

Create a personalized monogram mug for somebody special this Christmas. Many of the supplies can be purchased at the dollar store and you can get the details at happyfamilyblog.com

15. Lip Balm

These natural lip balms, from therisingspoon.com, can be given as gifts on their own or used as stocking stuffers! And – bonus – once you have all the ingredients you can make some beard balm as well (see number 19)!

16. Peppermint Bath Bombs

Luxurious peppermint bath bombs will help the recipient of this gift relax. They’re easy peasy and they smell soooo good! See annsentitledlife.com for the recipe.

17. Bird Feeders

These bird feeders are the ultimate last minute Christmas gift for somebody who has a backyard full of birds. They’re also pretty darn cute and super cheap! Messylittlemonster.comhas all the details. 

18. Beard Balm

Know somebody with a beard? Beard balm is super popular right now, so why not make some to give to a friend for Christmas. Learn all about making this beard balm at therisingspoon.com.

19. Crayon Shapes

If you’ve got a bunch of broken crayons laying around, you can make these lego shaped crayons for pretty cheap. These super fun lego crayons are a great present for any kid. Find out the details at messylittlemonster.com.

20. Mason Jar Kisses

Another great last minute Christmas gift is mason jar kisses. Fill a decorated mason jar with chocolate kisses and other small gifts and give it to somebody special! This gift is easy to personalize and all the instructions can be found at frugelegance.com.

21. Gingerbread Holiday Fudge

If you need a quick DIY Christmas gift and you’re in the mood for baking, make some delicious gingerbread fudge — it’s sure to please with these adorable decorative bows. You can find the recipe here at livingsweetmoments.com.

22. Hot Chocolate Reindeer

This instructions for this cute DIY hot chocolate reindeer are available at everydaysavvy.com. This is a perfect gift for the kids on your Christmas list. 

23. Crockpot peanut butter candy

These individual peanut butter candies are great for sharing with friends and neighbours. And they’re really simple to make! Find the recipe at juliassimplysouthern.com.

24. Fruit Basket

Need a gift for someone who’s a healthy eater? This homemade fruit basket will do the trick! Find out how to make it at melaniecooks.com.

25. Starbucks Inspired Lemon Loaf

Whip up a batch of Starbucks-inspired mini lemon loaves to give to all your favorite people. They’re easy and are sure to be popular. Mooreorlesscooking.comhas all the details!

26. Potted Rosemary

If you know somebody who loves plants or fresh herbs, this potted rosemary will impress! You can easily personalize the pot too. Find out how to make this Christmas gift at frugelegance.com.

Make Your Last Minute Christmas Gifts Today

If you’re just reading this post you’re probably well acquainted with the “last minute Christmas gift panic.” So, hopefully having this list in your tool belt will help you navigate the situation smoothly next time you’re in it!

Do you have any other go to last minute Christmas gift ideas?

Let us know in the comments below!

Last minute Christmas gift ideas (for cheap)!

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