About Us

The Modern Guide to Homemaking provides ideas, inspiration and solutions to help you create a strong and happy household.

FYI, loosing yourself isn’t part of the process.

We know you already have a lot on your plate – woman, mother, wife, friend (plus much, much more). But, putting in the effort to get it together at home is worth the time it takes.

Hi, we’re Lauren & Rachel.

Sisters. Friends. Creators.

While neither of us have figured out the secret to perfection, we’ve been figuring out a thing or two about happiness. And you know what? A lot of it starts at home.

Home is a place to develop meaningful relationships, practice important life skills and help you prepare to take on your goals.

And, that’s exactly what modern homemaking is about.

It’s about creating a home that enables you and your family to find happiness and success.

So, join us on our journey and start one of your own as you become a modern homemaker.