How to avoid mom burnout using self care

How To Avoid Mom Burnout With These 4 Self-Care Tips

Are you experiencing the overwhelm of mom burnout? Do you know you need to change something in your busy #momlife but you’re not sure what?

Our friend Erin over at Mama Bear & Cub has joined us for a post on some great self-care tips to help you make positive changes in your fight to find balance!

Keep reading to get her great advice!

Avoid Mom Burnout With These 4 Self-Care Tips

Moms can get lost in the day to day routine of feeding schedules, diaper changes and nap times. A mother’s instinct is to care for and protect her child, however, that does not mean YOUR self-care should be put on hold. Your self-care is more important than ever!

Being a full-time working mom, and recovering from postpartum depression/anxiety, I know all too well how hard it can be to take time for yourself. 

Avoiding Mom Burnout Is About Finding Balance

Finding time in your busy schedule is the main reason moms put their self-care routine on the back burner. This leads to an exhausted and unpleasant mom to be around. Don’t worry we have all been there. 

The trick to avoiding mom burnout is to make time in your busy schedule for you. 

I am a morning person. I prefer to wake up an hour or so earlier than my daughter to have time to myself. You may be a night owl, that is fine too. Send your kiddo off to bed and catch up on your favorite TV shows. 

Motherhood is all about balance. It may take a few attempts to find a routine that works best for you.

Self-Care Ideas For Busy Moms

What if extra morning or evening time is not working out? That is ok too! Not everyone will have a child that will sleep all through the night, or sleep longer in the mornings. There are other ways to find time for yourself during the day.

1. Staying Active

Before becoming a mom, exercise was my go-to for stress relief. It was a great way to turn my mind off after a long day at work. While I was on maternity leave, I would take advantage of nap times to get a quick workout or have a nice jog on my treadmill.

Everyone will tell you to sleep when the baby sleeps. That may be easy for some people, but if you suffer from anxiety like me, it is very hard to turn your mind off before your baby is waking up again. 

If you live in a warmer climate, like myself, get outside! Spending time outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air is a natural stress reliever. Grab a drink or book you have been wanting to read and take 20 – 30 minutes to yourself. This can be during nap time, early morning or in the evening while your child is asleep.

Now that my daughter is more mobile, we will take walks (wagon rides for her) outside on nice days. I will let her play and explore our yard, which can be a great sensory activity. Even though I am spending time with my child, I can relax and destress while I watch her have fun exploring new things.

If you are interested in outdoor sensory activities for your child, read my post on 12 Cheap Outdoor Activities For Babies.

2. Take Up A Hobby

I know what you’re thinking, but I already have too much on my plate!

Find a hobby or activity that you enjoy or look forward to each day or week. I enjoy gardening and making crafts.

Gardening is very peaceful and rewarding, whether it is vegetables or flowers. I enjoy the design aspect that goes along with gardening. Choosing which flowers or vegetables compliment each other, are low maintenance and drought tolerant.

Choosing low maintenance and drought tolerant plants is very important for busy moms. Let’s face it, life happens and your plants might be neglected for a day or two.

It might just be me, but there is nothing a little dirt can’t fix. I have on several occasions had a very stressful day at work, I came home and planted a few new plants in my butterfly area. Seeing all the wonderful insects and birds living in our yard each year, helps me look forward to springtime.

Having a nice garden area is also a great place to sit, relax and enjoy the outdoors. It is also wonderful for meditation.

3. Pamper Yourself

I have seen and heard many women talk about how they live in yoga pants and oversized t-shirts since becoming a mother. I am definitely no exception to this! As a mom, you want to be comfortable in your day to day activities of cleaning, cooking and chasing your kid around the house. 

I understand this completely! However, you still deserve to be pampered if not more. 

If you enjoy having a manicure, pedicure or a spa day, go get one! It is amazing how wonderful you feel after a short trip to the salon or spa. I was going to cut back on going to the hair salon, but my husband told me to go. He knew that a nice trim and color would make me feel like a million bucks and he was right. 

For some moms, a kid-free trip to Target is the best medicine. However, your husband may not be thrilled with all the purchases. I know mine never is!

4. Find A Babysitter

We have been fortunate enough to have family members that live close by and love to have our daughter stay the night once a week. Some weeks I look forward to my alone time and sleeping in. Does this make me a bad mom? No, it does not. If anything, this helps make me a better mom. This gives me time to recharge and focus on me.

This is also very beneficial for Scarlett, she is able to learn to spend time away from me. Growing up I was glued to my mom’s hip and this made it very hard for me to start school.  

If you do not have family or friends that live nearby, find a local daycare or babysitter that you trust. Several of my mom friends send their children to Mommy’s Morning Out classes several days a week. They use this time for appointments or running errands around town. 

If money is tight in your family, see if you can plan a playdate once a week with other mom friends. This is a wonderful way for moms to help each other with self-care. 

How to avoid mom burnout using these 4 self-care tips.

Balance and Self Care Will Help You In The Fight Against Mom Burnout

All moms need to find time in their day or week for themselves. Self-care is vital for creating a wonderful bond with your children and family. This can lead to fewer tantrums and overall happier family time for everyone. Like my husband says, “happy wife, happy life.”

Erin from Mama Bear & Cub

This post was submitted by Erin, the owner of She is a full-time working mom that enjoys spending time with her family and creating DIY crafts in her spare time.

For a daily dose of humor, be sure to follow her at Instagram – mamabearandcub_blog, Facebook – Mama Bear and Cub, and Pinterest – Mama Bear and Cub.

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