Low on Space But Want a Home Office? Try This!

Small space home office idea (create a guest room, office combo).

Have you ever thought a home office would make your life a bit easier?

Having a dedicated space to work, focus, and leave documents sounds pretty good!

But, it doesn’t seem very realistic when you don’t have space, time and money to make it happen.

I was in that exact situation when my husband went back to university.

We needed a dedicated spot for him to study but a home office seemed out of the question.

But, just when we thought we may have to give up our guest room (which didn’t seem like the best solution as we get a TON of overnight company), we came up with the best hack ever.

By using the guest room closet as a desk space, we now have a room that serves as a place to sleep for visitors and a decent sized study space.

It is perfect for our needs!

How We Created a Home Office in a Closet

When we bought our house the guest room had a closet alcove and organizer, but no door.

(Although it’s obvious it used to have a sliding 80’s door like the ones in  the rest of the house.)

At first I was annoyed that there wasn’t a door and started making plans to get closet doors, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

It made it fairly easy to convert the space.

All we had to do was remove the closet organizer and pick out the desk.

Create Your Home Office in a Small Space 

1. Clear Out the Clutter

When working with a small space, clutter is a big no no!

It makes a small space seem even smaller – especially when guests and their luggage use the room too.

We used to use our guest room as a storage room of sorts, but we’ve cut down on what we keep in the room.

If it can’t fit under the bed or in the dresser, it’s not kept in the room.

It’s pretty hard to have an office, storage room, AND sleeping space all within a small guest room.

So, some sacrifices were needed.

2. Choose Inviting Colors & Décor

The guest room was already small, but now there isn’t even a closet shelf for my guests to use.

So, I wanted to make sure the room still felt welcoming.

I like to use light, neutral, and airy colors make a room appear cleaner, more peaceful, and welcoming.

So, I made a conscious effort to decorate the room this way.

I painted it a blue gray (a definite upgrade from the blah brown it was) and, I choose light bedding (found great deals at Home Sense and IKEA).

I also ensured the office chair and desk kept the theme going.

To give the room a bit more functionality, I keep a cute folding chair in the space.

The room is too small to keep a night side table, but guests can use this chair as a makeshift night table or a suitcase holder.

It’s cute and easily folds away if not needed.

3. Think About Versatility

It’s important to think of your small guest room and office combo as a dynamic space.

How can you move things around for different purposes?

We keep the bed pushed against the wall when it’s being used as an office.

This gives my husband more space to spread out while studying (and makes it less likely he’ll put his dirty backpack on the bed I just washed!)

If we only have one visitor or a couple of younger guests, we’ll typically still keep the bed pushed against the wall.

This way they have more space for their luggage and to move around.

But, it’s also super easy to pull the bed out from the wall so there’s easier access to both sides of the bed for guests who prefer it.

What Combos Can You Make In Your Small Guest Room?

We’ve had our space set up this way for almost two years and it has been a great solution!

It’s funny how at one point I never thought we’d be able to fit an office in the guest room.

But, with a little bit of creativity I proved myself wrong!

What are some other guest room combos you could make by utilizing your closet space?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

Small space home office idea (create a guest room, office combo).

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