Use this monthly cleaning schedule to stay on top of all your household cleaning

How to Make a Monthly Cleaning Schedule That Works

How to keep your house clean by making (and sticking to) a monthly cleaning schedule.

Looking for a monthly cleaning schedule that will actually work for you?

Housework is a never-ending fact of life.

But the cycle of messes doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

By learning how to separate your cleaning and tidying tasks you can turn “overwhelm” into “under control.”

The first step to creating a successful monthly cleaning schedule?

Stop using the words “cleaning” and “tidying” interchangeably.

Want to get the cleaning schedule right away? You can go directly to the download or find it in our FREE resource library (along with some other great grabs).

Learning the difference between cleaning and tidying CHANGED MY LIFE. Seriously.

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I used to get so overwhelmed at the thought of cleaning my house.

I hate to admit it, but there was a time when I wouldn’t do any sort of housework until the weekend.

Dishes piled up, laundry went undone.

And messes that could have been easily cleaned up kept crusting onward.

Finally, the weekend would come and after binging some (a ton of) Netflix I would spend hours getting the house back to up to an acceptable standard.

Not only did this perpetuate the cycle of out of control housework.

But, I felt stressed about living in a messy house most of the time and even more stressed by the thought that half my weekend (or more) would be eaten up by getting things under control.

So what changed?

I learned the difference between cleaning and tidying and when to what one.

Cleaning and Tidying AREN’T Synonymous

One day it finally clicked.

After trying one piece of “always have a clean house” advice after another (with little or no results) I finally realized I’d been approaching it all wrong.

I’d been thinking (and acting) as though cleaning and tidying were synonymous.

That’s why I had been dreading daily housework.

I thought that any effort to maintain a well-kept home meant breaking out the scrubbies, applying lots of elbow grease and using way too much time.

But, there’s a big difference!

Cleaning means to “make something free from dirt, marks or stains.”

Tidying, however, means to “arrange neatly and in order.”

I realized that putting things back into place and arranging all the knick knacks in appealing and orderly ways, i.e. tidying, doesn’t take long at all when I do it regularly.

I’m talking 10 – 15 minutes a day to tidy my house.

This is when I realized that very rarely do I need to clean on a daily basis. Practically all of my daily cleaning tasks are tidying tasks. And this can make my house feel so much cleaner without every having to break out a mop.

Figuring this out was HUGE for me.

It allowed things to feel way less overwhelming.

After I understood tidying and how to use it to my advantage (knowing that it actually isn’t the most daunting task) I was able to start exploring the true cleaning tasks I needed to do.

It opened things up for me to think more strategically about keeping a clean and tidy home and I was able to create a this schedule that finally worked.

This one breaks down all the daily cleaning tasks, weekly cleaning tasks and monthly cleaning tasks.

The best part is that it’s all on one page so I only need to print it out once a month!

While this one it tailored to me, it might work for you! So, check it out.

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How do you schedule cleaning?

How do you like to schedule your cleaning?

What are some of your struggles?

Have you checked out the monthly cleaning schedule yet?

What parts of the schedule will you keep?

What would you change?

Let me know in the comments below.

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Learn how to FINALLY keep your house clean. Plus get a free monthly cleaning schedule.

How to keep your house clean by making (and sticking to) a monthly cleaning schedule.

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