How to Plant Flowers in Pots – The Cheap & Easy Way

I love the garden center. The big, beautiful, professionally-planted pots of flowers are to die for. (Seriously – the price tag nearly kills me.) I would love to afford those displays for my yard but I can never justify the price. So, I decided it was time to learn how to plant flowers in pots the cheap way.

Here’s what I did. And trust me, you can do it too!

How to Plant Flowers in Pots for cheap

How to Plant Flowers in Pots – The Cheap & Easy Way

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1. Decide Where You Want Your Display to Go

First you need to figure out how big of a pot/flower display you’d like. To do this you need to think of where you want the pot to go and if you want it to be an accent piece or a feature display.

Figuring this out for my needs was easy. There’s a space on our back deck where there are some outlet valves I hate the look of. I wanted to create a flower display that would (somewhat) hide them valves and beautify the spot. (Especially because our deck is in some major need of TLC right now and I was hoping the flower display could also help mask that.)

Be sure to consider both the width and the height of the pot you’d like to use. You can always measure your space to get an idea of how you’d like it to look.

2. Choose Your Flower Pot

Learning how to plant flowers in pots obviously can’t be done without a good flower pot. If you’re SURE you’re going to keep your flower pots for a couple of years and make it worth the money, then you might be able to justify some of the nicer planters like these.

But, if you’re like me, trying to make something pretty on a penny, you’re probably not going to get those.

I wanted to get my project done right away so I went to my local garden center and found some decent plastic planter pots (16 inch) for about $10. The price was right so I grabbed them!

If you can’t find a good deal locally or you’re OK with waiting a couple of days for Amazon shipping (easier!) then you might be interested in some of these cute flower pots. They’re only a few bucks more and a bit fancier too.

3. Pick Out Your Flowers

Picking out flowers is the best part of the whole process! At this point I pretty much just choose what I think looks pretty and what will give me some different height and texture. But, I started by checking out the professionally planted displays. 

By examining the professional, pre-potted displays you can get an understanding of how to create an appealing planter. Look at the different sizes of flowers they use. Pay attention to the colors. And, see what they do to get different texture and heights.  

Then, you can start collecting flowers for your display armed with a little bit of knowledge on how to make what you’re looking for work.

Keep in mind that the professionally potted displays have had time to grow and fill out the pots. Pay attention to the kinds of flowers you buy so you’ll know if whether or not they’re spreading plants or will get bigger (typically they will). 

This will help you remember to only buy a few and give them a few weeks to flourish and grow instead of buying lots and planting them close together in the beginning. 

4. Remember to Get Drainage Material and Dirt

Before you leave the garden center, remember to get some soil and drainage material. Drainage material, such as rocks, help ensure the plant roots don’t get waterlogged in case of overwatering. It also helps ensure enough room for oxygen and growth.

For the planting pot I made, I used some river stones I found at the garden center.  Remember, to put the drainage in the pot first, then add the soil.

I used 1 entire 15L bag of soil I bought at the store for $2.50 and added some compost/magic soil to the mix to top it off.

If you have the time/patience or want to do this project slowly, you can let the dirt settle for a day or two. But you can bypass that step if you’re like me and want to get it done now. Just pack down the soil into the pot firmly, but still well tilled.

5. Plant Your Flowers

This is the fun part! Even if you have a vision of how you’d like the planter to look in your head, you may want to arrange the flowers (still in their temporary plastic containers) in the pot before you start planting them. This allows you to play with the arrangement to get your desired look. 

To plant, dig a hole in the pot’s soil that’s slightly bigger than the plant you’re planting. Drop the plant in (without its plastic container), and cover with soil, packing soil the soil in around the plant as you cover the roots. Repeat this step until all your flowers are planted.

6. Don’t Forget to Water

As soon as you plant your flower pots you need to water the plants! And, remember to keep watering them daily (if you don’t get much moisture) if you want them to thrive all summer long.

Can You Think of Anything Else?

I was quite happy with how my planter pot turned out. See, you can learn how to plant flowers in pots the cheap and easy way! All in all it cost about $25 which is way less than what I would have paid to buy a pre-planted flower display this size.

I’m excited for it to fill out and take shape over the summer.

Can you think of any other important steps to take when learning how to plant flowers in pots?

Let me know in the comments below.

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