20 Mother's Day Gift ideas for under $20

20 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (2020) for $20 or Less

Mother’s day gift ideas for your mom for Mother’s Day in 2020. You can give to mom without breaking the budget!

Mother’s Mother’s Day gift ideas can often be stressful to come up with and stressful on your budget.

How do you get the woman with everything something meaningful?

(Especially when your budget isn’t so big!)

But, believe it or not, you can pick the perfect Mother’s Day gift for $20 or less.

First of all, stop worrying about how little you have to spend.

Instead, start focusing on giving your time, talents, and love.

I used to be worried that $20 (or less) would seem super cheap for a gift.

But, I’ve realized that the gift itself isn’t what matters.

It’s the time and thought we put into it and the effort we make to be with our loved ones when celebrating.

Repeat after me: The best gifts involve thought and time

I’ve started focusing on making my biggest gift that of time.

I try to be around (when possible) for important events.

Then I give small, thoughtful gifts and write personal letters and cards.

Because, at the end of the day I’d rather have a mind full of memories than a house full of things!

(And I want to help others see the value in this mindset!)

So, if you’re looking for a small, thoughtful gift to go along with your time, check out this list of 20 Mother’s Day gift ideas for $20 or less.

20 Mother’s Day Gifts (2020) – for $20 or Less

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1. Super Cute, Mother-Daughter Painting with Customizable Hair Color

You’ll always be your momma’s little girl, so give her this with a personalized message for a Mother’s Day (and budgeting) win!

Snag it here for $16.00.

And, if you opt for this picture you will be supporting small shops!

The only downside is that it doesn’t come framed.

So, head on over to the dollar store and pick up a nice frame for a buck or reuse a frame you already have!

2. Trendy Macrame Wall Hanging For the Boho Mom

This cute, boho chic piece is reasonably priced at $14.99. So, if your mom is a little bit boho/shabby chic, she might just love this!

3. Sterling Silver, Opal Stud Earrings

Check out these beautiful opal earrings.

Technically opal is the October birthstone, but regardless of what month your mom was born in they are a stunning (and affordable) gift to give.

They ring up at only $14.00!!

4. Handmade, Beaded Stitch Markers

If your mom is a knitter, this is a great little gift idea!

These handmade beads turned into stitch markers are a cute way to add some more fun to a knitting project.

You can grab them here for $11.95. And, if you buy them you’ll be supporting a small shop!

You might also like these FREE Mother’s Day print outs (that are perfect for framing).

5. Black Leather Clutch – Perfect For Every Outfit

It can be hard to find a stylish handbag for under $20.

While this isn’t exactly a handbag, it’s the perfect compromise.

It’s simple enough to be used as a wallet and elegant enough to be a stand-alone piece for a night out.  

You can gift one to your mom for $14.09. (Yes, it’s REAL leather – this deal is a steal!!)

6. High Visibility Reflective Safety Vest – Great for Runners!

If your mom’s a runner (biker, walker or any other outdoorsy thing) than this Mother’s Day gift is perfect!

It’s a slim, reflective vest to increase visibility while out at night.

And, it’s my kind of price tag – $11.99.

7. A Book to Get You On The Happiness Track

Is your mom crazy busy and doesn’t put herself first enough?

This book has given me a ton of insights into how to start putting myself first and find real, lasting happiness in life.

It is specifically targeted at helping busy people who define success through working in overdrive (and need to change that mindset).

But anyone can benefit from reading it.

You can find Kindle versions as low as $10.22!

8. Quirky, Cute Giraffe Wall Art

If you want a unique piece of wall art produced by a small shop, this is perfect for you (well, for your mom!).

It’s fun and budget friendly at $12.99.

9. Jade Roller

Jade rollers are super in right now!

They’re supposed to promote beautiful skin and help eliminate wrinkles.

While I’m not sure of the science behind it, this one is rated high in Amazon and has some great reviews stating all its wonders!

Plus, it’s only $16.95.

10. Boho Macrame Plant Hanger – Set of 2!

These macrame plant hangers are shabby chic and on fleek!

I like that they can be used inside or out on the patio.

You could make some super cute looks either way!

If this $7.79 Mother’s Day gift is calling to you, get it here.

11. 22 Piece Crochet Hook Set with Case

Let me just say: 22 pieces! For $7.59. It’s a bargain!

If your mom likes to crochet, has thought about crocheting, or would potentially like crocheting – this is phenomenal value.

(Maybe I’m getting over excited about this but the last time I went to Michaels and spent $10 on crochet stuff I think I got like 1.5 hooks! So I am overexcited about this deal!)

While crocheting isn’t for everyone, if it’s for your mom (or you even think it might be), get this set here.

12. Fitness Booty Bands (For Resistance Training)

Is your mom into working out?

Or looking to get into working out but needs some lower impact equipment?

These resistance bands are awesome!

I just started using fabric booty bands at the gym and they’re a game changer!

They don’t roll up like the rubber band ones do and they are much easer to get in and out of.

You can check these out here AND they’re only $17.99.

13. Fabric Scissors

If your mom sews then you know all about “the” fabric scissors!

Maybe this Mother’s Day is the time to say “sorry for cutting everything but fabric with your scissors when I was a kid!”

 These fabric scissors are $11.93, have good reviews, and can be a funny reminder of childhood days.

14. Package of 2 Turbie Twists

I love my turbie twists!

These are awesome microfibre towels designed to wrap and tie back your wet hair.

They are so helpful when you just get out of the shower.

I have quite long hair right now (boob length) so I’m sure these will work for almost all hair lengths.

Plus, they’re pretty cheap. You can get these ones for $14.88.

15. Cute Bento Box

This simple, cute bento box makes taking a lunch to work super easy.

You could maybe even pair this gift with a few good lunch recipe ideas.

Find it here for $13.99.

16. Healing Crystals

Is your momma into natural, holistic stuff?

Maybe she’ll love this healing crystal set.

While there are insane amounts of conflicting information on crystals, I think we can all agree that they sure are pretty!

This pretty set will only set you back $13.95.

17. Potato Grow Bags

Is your mom a gardener?

(Or likes to pretend she is? Ha!)

These potato grow bags are super cool for gardeners and wannabes alike!

There’s a flap on the side of the bag that allows you to harvest potatoes when you need them and leave the rest to keep growing.

The price tag is a cool $17.99.

18. Reusable Mesh Produce Bags 

Reusable produce bags are a great way to reduce your environmental foot print and to keep your produce stored in a breathable bag.

I love my set and you can grab this one for $9.99.

19. Natural Sheet Mask

These lovely sheet masks originate in the beauty mecca of South Korea.

I have some Innisfree sheet masks I love and I’m sure your mom will love having an excuse to pamper herself.

You can grab these honey sheet masks for $9.47.

20. Dishwasher sign

Get your mom something practical and help her tell whether the dishwasher is clean or dirty! This gift is super affordable at $6.95 and it’s thoughtful too!

Hope You Enjoyed the Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2020 Guide!

Now that you have a head full of budget-friendly Mother’s Day gift ideas, you need to remind yourself of one thing:

Regardless of what you choose to gift, make sure it works with your budget!

Do you have any other Mother’s Day gift ideas?

Let us know below!!

20 Cute Mother's Day Gift Ideas
Pin for 20 Mother's Day gift ideas under $20 to give in 2020

Mother’s day gift ideas to give your mom for Mother’s Day in 2020. You can give to mom without breaking the budget!

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