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We would never waste our time (or yours) by adding something that isn’t AWESOME to this list. That means, we are currently using (or have used) each item or service we talk about. 

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Time-Saving Household Products

Instant Pot: Rachel uses her Instant Pot ALL THE time.

You can check out her thorough review here. It seriously saves her so much time (and effort) when trying to pull together family dinners.

If you’re on the fence about an Instant Pot, we’d love to hear your questions/concerns. Just comment on Rachel’s review post.

And, you can check out an Instant Pot online and get all the specs.

Roomba: Have you ever wanted a clean floor without having to vacuum?


Lauren loves her Roomba for just that fact. Literally all you have to do is charge it and press a button and a tiny robot vacuums your floor. 

(Yes, you still have to empty the dirt compartment when it gets full but I guess you can’t have it all).

While Lauren does still use a traditional vacuum (she loves her some Dyson), she only uses it once a week (or less) and let’s Roomba do all the heavy lifting. 

And, the good news, they have come down in price since Lauren got hers 5 years ago. 

Baby & Kid Stuff

Haakaa Breast Pump: Have you struggled with pumping before?

Or maybe you want to set yourself for the best breastfeeding and pumping success? 

Try. The. Haakaa.

Read how it COMPLETELY changed the game for me in this post.

Post in the comments below if you want more info on my experience. 

But, really, what do you have to lose if you try this? (There’s a reasons it’s a bestseller with so many stars on Amazon!!)

Plus, it’s super affordable.

Check out the Haakaa here.


Sleep Sacs: For your sake, I really really hope you’ve heard of sleep sacs.

Before I had my son, I hadn’t.

I started out in the newborn phase putting him to bed with regular swaddle blankets.

And it was brutal.

He would wriggle out of them in no time, be up crying and take (what seemed like) forever getting settled back to sleep.

Enter some research and I found sleep sacs.

They’re zippered swaddles that make it a cinch to (safely) wrap your babe up for sleep time.

There are tons of brands and styles out there. Just make sure whatever you buy has been safety certified.

I personally liked the swaddles with arms in for the younger stages then transitioned to the arms out swaddles.

You can check them out here.

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