Save money with these 8 reusable kitchen items

8 Reusable Kitchen Items That Are Actually Affordable

Affordable, reusable kitchen items that will help you have a greener kitchen (and save money).

Do you cringe every time you throw away plastic wrap?

And do you hate having to replace your kitchen sponge so often?

If you’re like me, it feels like throwing money in the garbage!

Plus, it’s not great for the environment. 

I used to think the convenience of single-use kitchen items would always prevent me from going green.

In fact, just a few short years ago, I’d have called you the crazy one if you’d said I was going to stop buying paper towels.

But today I do just fine without paper towels.

And I’ve also given up other disposable items I used to think were essential. (Both to save money and go greener.)

Yes, it takes time to make the switch.

But there are some easy wins when it comes to reusable kitchen items.

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How to Afford Reusable Kitchen Stuff

If you’re worried about affording all these reusable items right off the bat, just do what I do:

Buy one thing at a time.

(Progress, not perfection!)

Each month I have a certain amount of money set aside in my “household expenses” budget category.

This is the money I use to build my reusable stash.

I just slowly buy them with the money I would have spent on the disposable version.

If you want, and can afford it, you can beef up your household expenses budget.

This can help you build up stock quicker.

But slow and steady is perfectly acceptable too.

8 Reusable Kitchen Items That Will Help You Save Money

1. Plastic Baggie Alternatives

Guess what?

I’ve stopped buying Ziploc bags.

And I was the QUEEN of Ziploc bags!

But now I just use reusable food storage containers.

And my world hasn’t ended.

There are so many reusable food storage options out there. Including, reusable baggies!

For example, this Stasher Reusable Silicone Bag is a great way to store food, wet and dry.

It can handle the dishwasher, the microwave, the freezer, and scalding hot food!

But there’s also some great options for reusable snack bags made of heavy plastic. (They’re a little more affordable)

Like these ones! 

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2. Paper Towel Alternatives

Okay, this will seem really obvious, but it really WASN’T to me at first.

 (I’m sure my grandparents would cringe!)

But you actually don’t NEED paper towels.

You can use cloths and kitchen towels instead.

This is a HUGE money saver at my house.  We used to go through paper towels pretty fast!

While any plain kitchen cloth will do, I decided to invest in Norwex products.

I personally LOVE the Norwex Envirocloth.

They’re thick microfiber cloths that lock in bacteria and stop it from spreading. (You just have to be sure to let them dry for 24 hrs between uses.)

Are you wondering what happens if I have to wipe up something extra gross, like raw meat?

(Or something as equally gross where paper towel would come in handy.)

Well, I wipe the mess up and then boil the cloth if I’m worried about germs (though you could actually skip the boiling if you use Norwex). 

But, I get it. Norwex is pricey.

So if you want something cheaper, you can still get quality items.

Check out this 10 pack of  quality bamboo, no-paper towels.

3. Disposable Sponge Alternatives

Traditional single use sponges get gross fast.

And, they often don’t fare so well in the washing machine.

So instead of buying throw-away sponges, why not pick up some washable ones that can be used over and over?

These washable Starfiber Microfiber Kitchen Scrubbies come in a 4 pack and have 4.5 stars on Amazon!

Have you considered using these pre-prepped foods to save you time AND money?

4. Paper Napkin Alternatives

My grandparents were all about reusable napkins.

And I always used to think they were an old person, fancy occasion kind of thing.

But I was wrong.

They are GREAT for everyday use.   

And you can get SO many cute varieties and styles.

Plus, you can opt for easy maintenance, no ironing required versions. This makes it a breeze to use, wash and repeat.

If you’re looking for the most bang for your buck, these white cotton dinner napkins in a pack of 12 should be just right.

And if you feel like something with a pattern, check out this six-pack of Vintage-Style Floral Napkins.

They’re slightly more expensive than the ones above, but these ones are handmade to order.

5. Plastic Wrap Alternatives

Plastic wrap is something else I’ve started going without.

(Both to saving money and the planet.)

Just like being without Ziploc bags, not having plastic wrap has forced me to get creative with storing food.

And, in fact, I’ve realized it’s pretty rare that I actually NEED plastic wrap.

(I was just conditioned to the convenience of it!)

For example, there’s this awesome stuff called Abeego Beeswax Food Storage Wrap.

It’s pricey up front. But it lasts for quite a while.

And it’s also antibacterial and anti-fungal.

Alternatively, you could get this six-pack of Silicone Storage Covers.

They come in different sizes so they fit your various containers.

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6. Parchment Paper Alternative

I used to LOVE parchment paper.

Mainly because I LOVE not having to scrub baking pans.

But, if you’re baking a lot of food for your family, it’s easy to go through a ton.

Luckily, there are Silicone Baking Sheets.

You can use them the same as you do parchment paper (put them on the pan before your food).

But then you (easily) wash them and re-use!

7. Swiffer Pad Alternatives

If you use a Swiffer to clean your kitchen floor, you probably spend a boatload of money buying their disposable pads.

Why not go green and save some cash with reusable pads?

There are multiple options out there for machine washable pads that’ll fit right on your Swiffer.

(Just make sure the buy the ones specific to the kind of Swiffer you have.)

One option is these Reusable Microfiber Mop Pads.

They’re a great deal and are easy to use and wash!

8. Plastic Produce Bag Alternatives

Using mesh produce bags will save you money by keeping your produce better for longer, and they’re good for the environment.

You’re not exactly replacing something you’re currently spending money on (plastic produce bags are free at the grocery store).

But you can make this affordable move to drastically cut your plastic usage.

These Reusable Eco Produce Bags were the highest-rated produce bags I found on Amazon, and they’re a really decent price. 

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Start Stocking Up on Reusable Kitchen Items Today

Now that you’ve looked at the list of disposable alternatives, stop and think for a minute.

Ask yourself which of the disposable items above you spend the most money on, and make that your first reusable purchase!

It might take you some time to build your reusable supply.

But, you’ll be working towards some awesome money-saving payoff, so it’s worth the wait!

Save Money with these AWESOME, reusable kitchen items
Awesome reusable kitchen items

Affordable, reusable kitchen items that will help you have a greener kitchen (and save money).

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