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Are You Interested in Writing a Guest Post for Us?

Awesome! We are currently accepting guest posts and look forward to hearing from you. Please take some time to review our site, style of writing and blog categories. If you think you can contribute something that would complement our current content, keep reading!

Guest Post Pitching Guidelines

All content pitched to us must be fresh, never-before-published material. We only accept guest posts within the homemaking niche, but it is broad enough to include:

  • Household management
  • Kids & Family
  • Marriage & Relationships
  • Parenting
  • Holidays & Entertaining
  • Self-Care

Think you have an idea that works for one of these categories? Great!

Please contact us and pitch your topic idea before submitting a guest blog post in its entirety.

You can contact us here to do so.

Please include your topic idea, working title and a bullet-point summation of its headings/content.

We will get back to you with our feedback and let you know if we’re interested in having the full blog post on our site.

Will Your Guest Post Pitch be Approved?

Please note, not all guest post submissions (pitches and posts) will be approved. If at any point we decide not to publish your post, we will inform you of our decision. However, we reserve the right to determine whether or not we will publish your post at any time without prior notification.

Guest Post Requirements

All guest posts must adhere to the following rules:

  • Contain at least 800 words
  • Be in “How to” or “List” format
  • Use subheadings
  • No affiliate links
  • Include no more than two links back to content on your site
  • Include proper attribution to any sources included in your work
  • Include a separate author bio
    • No more than 150 words (not totaled in your blog post word count)
    • Accompanying head shot (optional)
  • Final guest posts must be submitted via Google Docs or MS Word

What is Your Responsibility as a Guest Poster?

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure you have the legal authority to use any content you submit to us for approval/publishing. This includes images, logos, writing, etc.

When you submit a post to us you are signifying that you have the right to use the content you submit and that it is factual and free from plagiarism or copyright infringement.

It is also your responsibility to ensure that you have not published your blog post on any other site before.

While you will retain the rights to your own content, we ask that you do not publish the same post to any other blog, including your own. Doing so would be poor practice that does not benefit anyone or either site.

(You are, however, encouraged to share the link to your published blog post across your platforms.)

If you do publish the approved guest post you submitted to us to another blog, we will unpublish your post from our site and you will not be permitted to contribute to our blog in the future.

Please note that when you submit your blog post for publishing to our site, you are giving us permission to publish your work without compensation. You are also giving us permission to edit your work without limitation. If we do edit your work prior to publishing, we do not have to provide you with prior notification.

What Benefits Do I receive From My Guest Post

Once your guest post is published on The Modern Guide to Homemaking, you will get the following perks:

  • Author bio on our website
  • Promotion to our social media platforms
  • Potential for increased traffic to your site

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