The dirty little secret I use to keep my house clean

The Dirty Little Secret I use to Keep My House Clean

How to keep your house clean when you really can’t get on top of things.

Want to know about the dirty little secret I use to keep my house clean?

It’s something I used to be embarrassed about.

I felt like I was cheating at being the perfect wife who could do it all.

But you know what?

Using this secret weapon every so often allows me to keep my house clean without losing my mind. A

nd that has become good enough for me.

So, what’s the secret?

I use a house cleaning service.

Now, let me stop you before you think I’m some rich lady with a weekly maid who can’t relate to your situation.

First off, I only use a cleaning service 2 – 3 times a year and yes, I want to cry when I fork over the money (it can be expensive!). 

But, even though it’s pricey when the cleaners come, I’ve realized the money is worth it for my stress levels and cutting back the overwhelm.

Plus, having someone else knock out the deep clean makes it so I can better keep my house clean on the day to day.

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Why You Should Consider Using a Cleaning Service

It honestly didn’t take long for me to start seeing the benefits of occasionally using a cleaning service.

After I saw my shining clean floor that I didn’t have to scrub I knew I had found the answer to (at least some of) my woes.

It’s Easier to Stay on Top of Day to Day Cleaning

It felt amazing to have a clean home I didn’t exhaust myself creating.

And, the list of things I needed to get around to in the house went down considerably – and so did my stress.

By having the cleaners do the big tasks – cleaning the hood fan, scrubbing the mini blinds, dusting the top of the kitchen cupboards – I was able to focus on regular upkeep one they left.

And it was wayyy easier to keep things really clean for a few weeks when I have a shimmering clean base to go off of.

Your Mental Health Will Benefit

Sometimes the responsibilities of maintaining a home can be really overwhelming – especially when you’re doing most of it.

It’s a never-ending cycle of doing the same tasks over and over just to know you’re going to have to do them again soon.

Having a break every now and again where you don’t have to put in the effort and you still get a great result is a really great mood booster.

It helps break the depressing cycle and gives you back some time you can use to focus on other things – preferably yourself. 

What if You Can’t Afford a House Cleaning Service?

I get it. Sometimes no matter how badly you want something, you really can’t afford it.

If you’re in this boat, don’t be dismayed just yet.

If you can’t afford the occasional professional helper, why not see if you can rally together a group of your own?

Maybe there’s a group of moms in the same boat.

Would it work to take turns helping each other do a deep clean every now and again? 

Let me just remind you that now is not the time to be embarrassed about your mess or the fact that you need help.

I’m willing to bet there are plenty of others in the same boat as you.

Be daring and reach out to people!

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I Keep My House Clean Most of the Time

I keep my house clean (by myself) most of the time.

The rest of the time?

I get help.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a clean house without having to slave for it all the time.

So, next time you’re at your wits end trying to do it all yourself, maybe you should take advantage of my dirty little secret.

What are your thoughts on using a cleaning service?

How to keep your house clean when you really can’t get on top of things.

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