Ever wonder what homemakers do all day? Keep reading to find out.

10 Things a homemaker does all day

Ever wonder what a homemaker does all day? I used to too.

When I was working a fulltime corporate job it was easy to think homemaking was the lazy girl’s way to get out of the responsibilities of work.

Sure, deep down being a homemaker seemed like something that would be nice, but it also seemed associated with an antiquated social system that kept women at home and in the kitchen.

But, in my search to find inner peace and greater purpose, I actually ended up leaving my job to become a fulltime homemaker.

And you know what? I’ve never been happier while working this much.

So what does a homemaker do all day?

10 Things a homemaker does all day

1. Keep the house clean and organized

This might be the task people most often (and correctly) assume about homemaking. A homemaker does do a fair bit of cleaning and organizing around the house.

While some days it is quite the grind to be cleaning the same things over and over, there is also a big sense of accomplishment through maintaining a clean and tidy home. And, when done consistently, it doesn’t take up a huge part of your day.

2. Manage the budget

Though my husband is the one out earning (most of) the money, I’m actually the one that manages it. While we do talk about our financial goals together, I’m the one that builds the budget and figures out just how much it takes for us to live. I track our spending, pays the bills and sets some aside for savings.

My husband has access to everything banking and budget, but the only time he really physically looks at things is during our budget touch-base meeting a couple times a month. We are on the same page with our money and he does fill out what he spends on Google sheets, but I do the rest.

And, I’m happy with it.

I like knowing when we’re on track with our money and figuring out ways to cut back if we’re not.Plus, as the one running most of the errands (i.e., doing most of the spending) it’s important for me to have a thorough understanding of our financial situation and how the household activities impact it.

3. Plan & Make Meals

Food is a big part of running a household. And, if you let it, the majority of your day ever day could be spent making food.

So, figuring out how to keep everyone fed with healthy food while not going crazy is a daily homemaking responsibility. It takes effort to meal plan and prep according to everyone’s needs and likes. And, it takes discernment to know what’s worth the time making from scratch and what isn’t.

Here’s a link to a review on one of our favorite kitchen tools. It has helped make mealtime much easier and much less time consuming.

Just know that even if a homemaker does prepare a lot of food from scratch and provides yummy homemade meals, sometimes there isn’t time in the day to worry about cooking. So, everyone gets a free pass now and again if takeout is on the menu! (I personally love Skip The Dishes if that’s the kind of day its been.)

4. Run errands

Running errands is the catch all department for homemakers. This could include grocery shopping, household shopping, driving people (or yourself) to appointments, bank meetings, etc.

Some seasons are busier than other (tax season, holidays, etc.) but you can bet there is always a fair share of errands to get done. And, if one partner works a full time, Monday to Friday job, it’s likely the homemaker will try to squish all the running around during the week to allow for more time together.

5. Take care of kids (if you have them)

First and foremost, you don’t have to have kids to be a homemaker! But, lots of homemakers are also parents and it goes without saying that raising kids takes a ton of time.

Plus, when you have one or two extra humans to manage and care for your budget, errands and food duties grow.

6. Take care of pets (if you have them)

While you obviously don’t need a pet to be a homemaker, if you have a pet it adds to your daily to dos. I have a large dog and spend 45 minutes to an hour walking him every day.

While feeding him twice a day doesn’t take much time, there are days when he needs brushing, nail clipping or just some extra scratches and attention and all that can take a bite out of my schedule.

7. Yardwork

Unless you live in an apartment or townhouse with landscaping paid through homeowners association fees, it’s likely you can’t escape yardwork. And, even if you have a small yard, if you want it to look nice it takes effort.

Homemakers spend a lot of time raking leaves, mowing the lawn, reseeding grass, aerating, watering flowers, shoveling snow, breaking up ice, unclogging gutter – you get the idea!

8. Basic Home Maintenance

Owning (and sometimes renting) a home comes with a huge to-do list. If you’re a homemaker comfortable with a little DIY, you’ll likely find yourself doing basic maintenance around the house throughout the year. This could look like:

  • Painting the porch or deck
  • Patching small holes in drywall
  • Touching up paint around the house
  • Changing furnace filters
  • Testing fire alarms and CO2 monitors
  • Changing light bulbs
  • Changing batteries
  • Tightening sink fixtures

9. Prepare for Holidays and Special Occasions

Something I love best about homemaking is having time to focus on people and celebrations. I love to shop for and make things for birthdays and holidays. And I enjoy taking the time to make people feel special and appreciated.

It takes a lot of planning and organization to pull off fun celebrations and homemakers are often the ones taking care of this.

10. Personal Development & Self Care

In order to be a happy and healthy homemaker, I strongly believe in taking time for personal development and self care. While you may find fulfillment in developing your home life, you also need allow some focus on your individuality. What do you need as a person to give back to your mind and body.

So, homemakers, just like everyone else, should practice self-care and personal development a little bit each day or at least for a chunk of time each week.

Homemaking can be a busy schedule

Now you know 10 things homemakers do each day, you can see just how much work is involved in keeping a home and family organized!

Do you have any more questions about homemaking and what homemakers do? Let us know in the comments below.

What a homemaker does all day
How to stay productive as a full time homemaker. These are ten things homemakers do to stay busy and nurture home and family.

Now you have the answer to what a homemaker does all day.

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