Want to stop being overwhelmed by housework? Here’s my secret!

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your messy house and want to learn to stay on top of your housework?

Do you ever feel like your house runs you instead of the other way around?

You know, the never-ending pile of dishes, the laundry, the rotting leftovers in the fridge, the counters that are never clean, the husband that can’t see the mess… it’s exhausting.

I’ve been there too!

It’s discouraging and hard, but it can get better.

And, contrary to what I initially thought it would take (i.e, cleaning harder and/or hiring a maid), improvement comes by focusing on your mindset.

3 Things I did to Go From Overwhelmed to In Control of Cleaning My House.

1. Stop Striving For Perfection

The bottom line is that humans aren’t perfect so stop trying to be!

Shift your focus from perfection to improvement.

I’m sure we’d all love to have an always immaculate house, but trying to attain this when life is throwing so many things your way can be really hard (if not impossible).

So, you probably need to adjust your expectations.

I’m not talking about lowering your standards so that living in a pigpen is acceptable.

But, allow yourself some wiggle room and accept improvement as a success.

I started by focusing on two or three rooms/areas that I always wanted to have tidy.

The rest of the house could be a mess but by maintaining these spaces I felt like I was making an impact on the housework and accomplishing goals.

And, when I had those spaces under control, I’d slowly start chipping away at other messes.

2. Don’t Let Things Own You

I recently read a quote that said “the more you own, the more that owns you” and I could not agree more.

A huge source of household overwhelm is too much stuff.

My house used to be filled to the brim with things.

This accumulation came from thinking that one day I’d use this item or lose enough weight to fit into that outfit

And, I failed to realize the (negative) impact that holding on to this stuff was having on me.

Every time I cleaned the house or had company coming over I was sifting and sorting through piles and boxes of stuff.

I’d spend so much time organizing things and yet I was never fully organized.

And, over time it caused quite a bit of stress.

One day the light bulb finally went off.

I realized that if I wanted a tidier home and a better sense of control in my household, I needed to get rid of the clutter that was weighing me down.

So, I did.

And, I continue to do so.

Every once in a while I’ll purge the knick knacks that build up in the drawers, closets and boxes.

And, I pay way more attention to what I bring in the home in the first place.

It’s sometimes hard to part with the “someday” things, but the freedom I feel from not having to manage the junk piles is worth it!

3. Don’t leave everything for the weekend

I used to be SO bad at leaving anything cleaning related to the weekend.

Throughout the week I would come home from work after a stressful day, throw my stuff around the house, and plop down on the couch.

Then, when the weekend came it would take me HOURS to get through all the chores I needed to do.

And, it ate up most of my weekend.

It was a terrible cycle.

One that took me a while to break and one I have to keep in check or it starts to creep back.

But, it’s worth the struggle!

Even if I’m tired or stressed I try to tidy up something around the house on a daily basis.

By chipping away at it through the week I get so much more time back on the weekends and am no longer housebound and cleaning my entire days off.

Start Slowly to Make Lasting Changes 

Is my house always clean?

Ha! No.

But, I’ve come leaps and bounds beyond where it used to be.

I no longer have to clean for hours before company comes or get stressed if an unexpected visitor pops by (most days).

And, it’s all thanks to the small changes I started making and stuck with.

So, start thinking about how you can make changing your mindset stick.

You CAN break the cycle of household overwhelm.

Do you want to learn how to finally start keeping your house clean? Here are three tips to help you set the foundation for keeping a tidy home.
Managing your housework doesn't have to be overwhelming

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your messy house and want to learn to stay on top of your housework, there is hope! With a bit of effort you can learn to keep your house clean more often than not!

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